Too Long Didn't TWID?

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Artifact, Abilities and Exotics previews.

Season of Wish Artifact

Ability Changes S23

Ability Refunding

Staying Alive

Sprint and Slide Melees

Hammers and Banners

Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn

Stasis Changes S23


Hunter Withering Blade

Hunter Winter's Shroud

Titan Shiver Strike

Titan Glacial Quake

Titan Howl of the Storm

Warlock Frostpulse

Warlock Penumbral Blast

Glacier Grenade

Coldsnap Grenade

Special Weapons

Future Changes

Exotic Armor Changes

Shards of Galanor

Ophidia Spathe


Mechaneer's Tricksleeves


Triton Vice

Celestial Nighthawk

Severance Enclosure

Peregrine Greaves

Wormgod Caress

Ashen Wake


Precious Scars

Ballidorse Wrathweavers

Apotheosis Veil

Felwinter's Helm

Karstein Armlets

Aeon Cult Sect of Force

Aeon Cult Sect of Insight

Aeon Cult Sect of Vigor

Armor Mod Changes

Heavy Handed, Firepower, and Reaper

Melee Kickstart, Grenade Kickstart, and Utility Kickstart

Momentum Transfer, Bolstering Detonation, Impact Induction, and Focusing Strike

Outreach, Bomber, and Distribution

Fireteam Finder Beta

Known Issues

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